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Curley’s Key Shop Pomona, CA

306 E Monterey Ave
Pomona, CA 91767
196455 years in business
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Thursday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
Tuesday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
Wednesday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
Thursday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
Friday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM-1:00 PM
Sunday Closed
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Valerie Leyva
Had my keys Stolen at Ross in Pomona on rio rancho rd called every other locksmith in Pomona some didn’t answer and others gave me the excuse that they’d have to check with their techs schedule first. But the guys at this place not only came in a hurry gave me an extremely great deal. I really wish I had more cash on me so I could tip him. Being six months pregnant last thing I need is to be stranded and thanks to these amazing locksmiths I was able to make it home safe.. thank you again I am ever to grateful..
Don Long
Been doing business with Curleys key shop for over 25 years. Years past they have been great, but in the last few years evertime I had a key made had to return and have them redone. Some times more than once. Just to day had to return a key and a young employee refused to replace it and would not remake the key or even another key. They are do not dulicate which is registered to me with them. The kid was extremely rude and hung up on me when I called them.i would not recommend them.
Kevin P.
It's November 1, 2018 and I just walked in to this shop to made some replacement keys made. The guy (taller white male, stocky build) was an absolutely miserable, rude individual. There's plenty of key shops around, I will absolutely not give my money to a business who treats their customers like trash. This guy talked to me like I was stupid, simply for asking how long it would take to have 3 keys made. I had an appointment to be at and if the process takes a long time, I would need to come back when I wasn't on such a tight schedule. The guy was just so rude and condescending for no reason. If you hate your job and you hate your life, go find something else to do; no reason to be so rude to people. DO NOT GIVE THE BUSINESS YOUR MONEY. LOTS MORE CHOICES AROUND WHO TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS BETTW Update: I was wrong; there actually are not many more choices around in the area. After failing to find another key shop close to the area, I was forced to return to this store on November 8, 2018. I fully expected to be treated very rudely again but I was pleasantly mistaken. Same individual who attended on me last time I was here was very courteous and helpful this time around. Upbeat attitude and very nice. The keys were made within 5 minutes and the price was very cheap. Thank you for the pleasant experience. I will be back next time I need this service. Thank you!
P A.
I made four attempts at other places to get a copy of a key made with no luck. I was referred to Curley's. I was told my padlock was imported and the key was thicker than usual than a key made in the U.S. They were able to make and modify a key that worked. I was impressed considering Lowe's and Home Depot could not do the job. In the process they earned A new customer. It looks like they do a lot more than make keys there. I highly recommend this business.
Eric W.
The guy everybody is complaining about is no longer there. The service is great. Harrison helped me and he is very courteous and helpful. I'm back to patronizing this mom and pop shop. Give them a try.
W T.
5 STAR customer service Of all the people who complained about poor customer service they received, this was NOT my experience. I had called ahead and spoke to Harrison regarding getting a duplicate key made for an older car. He was patient, professional, knowledgeable, and courteous over the phone. He explained to me the cost and the expected wait time. When I brought my car in, everything played out as expected. He was efficient and thorough. Perhaps the other yelpers did not have Harrison as their technician? Lastly, I saved $30 over their competitors. Thank you!
Thomas S.
Worst Customer Service EVER! Rude over the phone on multiple occasions. You would think that when you're representing someone that's been a client of theirs for over 30+ years, they'd at least be nice to you. No worries though, forced me to look elsewhere and now I get treated great at a less expensive price. Win/Win for me!
Debbie L.
We called Curley's for our place of business to come out and install keypad locks on four doors and a panic lock. First time they came out my manager was in a meeting and I was going to talk with them letting know what we wanted. Our front office personnel miscommunicated information and told the gentlemen that came out he was in a meeting. Said he would return later that day. NEVER Showed up. Made a second appointment, and the they never showed up again for the second appointment. Called Curley's to see if they could refer someone else for this particular job, and the gentlemen said that they don't work with others. BAD Business. When I told the gentlemen who answered the phone what happen it seemed like they didn't care if they had our business. I've lived in Pomona all my life and Curley's has been around forever. Too bad that they forget the humble beginnings. Would not recommend them.
Peter S.
Very poor customer service - they obviously do not care about your business. We had two reps come out and perform an estimate, this is after waiting two weeks for them to send someone. We were told that we would get an estimate within two hours. Four days later no quote, called twice to get the estimate it really doesn't seem like they care, they were uber dismissive. Never doing business with them again.
Bob O.
Asked a question about a needed key. They said they had to check with their supplier to see if they could get the blank. Left my phone number as they promised to call back. They never did. Finally went back and they told me they couldn't get it but if I could get the blank from the dealership they might be able to code it. I said might is not a good answer. They seem to have a certain level of expertise but in today's environment where car ignition keys are coded either you are able to do it or not. Not very helpful An update. Had another key situation to get resolved. Went back to give them a second chance. Again the proverbial we'll give you a call when .... get in and can check it. No call came. Went back to my mechanic and he noted this is not the key place to go to
Erubey S.
Horrible service! Called to get a price quote and the guy who answered the phone put me on hold for 5 minutes then when he answered he was being a smart ass then put me on hold again. Will never use this service
Connie W.
I came here to have two keys copied for my husband when I asked the guy if the keys would work, he stated what do you mean it is not guaranteed it will work in a rude matter. And then said what so you mean... I said I don't know what the attitude is for and this Isn't my first time here nor my mother's but I will not be coming back
Dennis C.
Very helpful. Tucked away but out in the open. Assisted with the programming of the keys for my car and things. Far better than what i got from another shop.
Michele B.
These guys are so helpful & always friendly. This was the only key/ lock, etc. shop my father would trust...60 years for us! I am having them come out to my home to change all the locks from some nasty tenants. So reasonable, it's not even worth taking the time to remove & take them into the shop. They're like Pomona Family. Thank you for all the years you've always come through for us, Curley's. Cheers!
Brandi K.
We had to get multiple locks re-keyed in our business park. They were super cool & every key worked great unlike Home Depot. Will definitely be returning for future lock and key services
Tosha B.
Honest and reliable! Great customer service! They were able to help me when no one else could! Highly recommend!
George O.
Curley's is a phenomenal company! I needed a security system installed and they we're extremely professional. They came out and explained how the camera system works and then showed me all the options they had for purchase, never once pushing the more expensive item on me, just giving me the benefits of all of them. Once I chose one they installed it right away and did a great job, I've seen other companies install work and its sloppy, Curley's work was clean and professional. I advise everyone that needs a locksmith or security to call Curley's, you won't be disappointed!!
D T.
My family has been going here for years and are always provided with great customer service. Every time I have a locksmith need I go to Curley's. I have used them for key copies, re-keying my home and a security safe. I have always been met with a great attitude and hard working individuals. I highly recommend this business.
Alicia R.
I been here a few times and today your employee named chris was cussing out another employee dropping F bombs in front of myself and other customers I thought it was totally unprofessional and uncalled for.
Zetta T.
My & I we went to curly keys to have a key make a new just started working their told her it would cost 65.00 dollar to have her key make 2000 camry no chip in it we went to pep boys to have make the same key it s cost 2.85 cents curly keys becareful I been going staryed 2005 i needed 1 key maked he told me 4.00 dollar the came to help him make my key the guy was fast he say 3.00 for my key the wanted 4.00 u see i cant go their any more sorry Curly Keys u lost a customer
celph titled R.
Customer service is teribble white guy with hat and glasses that was sleeping at desk had the worst what are you doing here what do you want attitude . If you take your own keys for copies don't bother showing up they will not cut your keys pretty sure this place will shut down with this teribble customer service
Albe _.
Came here to get my copies of my car keys using my own blanks that I bought on eBay. Since I have a old school car I have a VAT ignition key and regular key for doors/truck. I was helped my a tall white gentlemen and explain I needed two copies and explain to him I had my key blanks. I don't know what he was smoking or thinking that instead of doing copies of my two keys he made copies of only the VAT key using my two blanks. So my original GM door blank key was ruin. Nevertheless, my ignition did work and well I trashed the door key and never when back and told them. He charged me $4.
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Ben’s Lock & Key Service Covina, CA

5022 N Kinsella Ave
Covina, CA 91724
200415 years in business
Open Now
Thursday Full day
(Full week)
Monday Full day
Tuesday Full day
Wednesday Full day
Thursday Full day
Friday Full day
Saturday Full day
Sunday Full day
Business is opened 24 hours
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Jane F.
RIPOFF ALERT...!!! My wife called Ben's Window and Door because we had a piece of molding that holds tempered glass piece on the door. He came out and fixed it in about 10 minuets so I figured I'd give him a little more work. I had him replace one of the four ends that was broken on a window screen. I also asked if he could fix the lower screen door on my fifth wheel trailer by just replacing the busted up old screen and he obliged. He took the broken window screen because he said he needs to get the part. He told me he will bring it back repaired and fix the trailer screen the next day. When he returned, come to find out, he brought a new screen. I was at work and my wife handled the payment transaction. He charged us $200 dollars after never giving us a quote or idea up front of the cost. I would say all totaled probably 1 hour of work. I'm not a screen and door guy, I'm actually a firefighter. I know I could have fixed both screens for no more than 20 dollars in materials. This guy said he charges $75 for a service call! If that's the case some of the labor cost should be absorbed in the service call fee, they are not! In my opinion this guy is a opertunist! He not only took advantage of my wife, he never gave any idea of cost up front! SCAMMER!!! STAY AWAY!!!
Courtney B.
Came out quickly and replaced our company mailbox lock. Very friendly and professional. We lost the key to the old lock and another locksmith told us he could not make a key and had to break the lock... then took the lock and never came back. Ben told us he could have easily made the key.. lesson learned. We will be calling Ben's Lock & Key for all future services.
Lou L.
RUDE! And works out of his house?! Super sketch. I called to ask a simple question, since I had already driven to the address on yelp and it looked like I was at someone's house. He yelled at me to not drive there even though I already did. Just plain weird.
Kerry M.
Ben was super professional, polite, friendly, and punctual. I'll definitely call him again if I have any more issues with losing my keys. I don't want to have to call him because losing my keys or locking myself out will be a crisis but he is definitely someone I can count on. Reasonable priced
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Pop-A-Lock Riverside, CA

2220 Eastridge Ave
Riverside, CA 92507
199029 years in business
Additional number: (951) 234-0369
Open Now
Thursday 6:00 AM-11:30 PM
(Full week)
Monday 6:00 AM-11:30 PM
Tuesday 6:00 AM-11:30 PM
Wednesday 6:00 AM-11:30 PM
Thursday 6:00 AM-11:30 PM
Friday 6:00 AM-11:30 PM
Saturday 6:00 AM-11:30 PM
Sunday 6:00 AM-11:30 PM
Business will be closed in 13 hours 31 minutes
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Tommie Byrd
elizabeth jimenez
Great service! I had originally called Locksmith 2 U who left me waiting about an hour for a call from their worker. I got tired of waiting and eventually called Pop-A-Lock and the woman on the phone was super friendly. She got my info down quickly and let me know someone would be on their way in about 30 minutes. 30 minutes later the worker came and he helped me get into my car very quickly! He was very friendly and courteous. Unfortunately I did not get his name. About two hours later, I’m home and the other company STILL hasn’t called. So If i had not called Pop-A-Lock I would have been waiting in the cold for hours. Thank you so much!
Mel D.
Called Pop a Lock was greeted by a very professional staff. Was told someone would be calling right back. That call never happened and when I called was told techs have an hour.... Ok so i waited!!! So now were here on Yelp giving them this scathing review! You guys suck! Thier not coming and had no intentions of coming. Pop a Lock you don't deserve the business...
Mia J.
If I could leave ZERO stars, I would. GEICO dispatched this company for a lock out tonight and we were given a 40-minute ETA. After 45 minutes I called to check status & was told it would take ANOTHER HOUR!!! Called GEICO & of course, no resolution. Had my brother come from a different city, use an old-fashioned wire hanger & actually 'Popped The Lock!'
Biggest Critique X.
The worst employee just hung up the phone on me 3 times after speaking in a condescending way. Franchisee owner check your staff, and if theis female isnpart of your ownership who picked up the call on saturday march 24 ast 5pm than shame on you. I will replicate this crap review to the corporate office.
Philip K.
Ok let's see what I can say about Pop-A-Lock they treat their employees like crap employees are always walking on eggshells worried about what art and Terry are going to say to them today it's funny how people think they are so good but really people are scared to say anything to them especially their employees I no longer work there but their employees tell me so much what's been going on there haven't been with them over 2 years and I still hear a lot of crap I tell them why are they so scared of them the human it ain't like he is going to bite their head off I just feel bad for those guys I'm glad I am out of there been there for so long and make twice as much where I am at now doing the real thing tow trucking making the real money and don't have to worry about them calling and asking where am I going I was always hundred percent for this company they're all about the money and not their employees I can say yes there are fast on their calls it's cuz of him he puts him through so much stress so they don't want to get in trouble by him for taking too long let the force be with you employees and don't let art start twitching when he's mad lol or his wife intimidates you they are good about that suckers
Erikita E.
Thanks to Pop-a-lock for coming out to my home at 11pm on a Sunday night! After locking my self out of my master bedroom (yes a little embarrassing) and trying for an hour to open myself I didn't want to damage my door or frame so I had no choice but to call a locksmith. I googled and yelped for a lock smith.. many said open 24 hour but once I called all I could do was leave a message. Nobody has time for that!! Then I came across Pop-a-lock and called their call center, my call was quickly answered and they were very professional and prompt. The locksmith opened my door in 45 seconds. I will definitely call them next time I am in a jam.
Jasmine C.
T.J the Pop A Lock Rep came out and had a very welcoming and great customer service Art the Call answering Rep was very nice and was able to cover an area they dont normally do I paid 100.00 but Hey I needed My keys so what can I do over all Thank you very much for your service T.J you are awesome THANK YOU!!! I GOT MY KEYS LOL
Alicia M.
I'm leaving 1 star because I have to leave something- I'd like to leave none if it was an option. On a terrible evening we called our insurance to assist with our keys locked in our vehicle. Alex, in car 58, could not have been more unprofessional. Thank you sir, for making a bad evening worse. 1. Do you think we don't already feel like morons for locking our keys in the trunk?! You adding insult reflects poorly on the business you represent. 2. You attempted to stay on the call after you could not help and were super shady about it- to what? Get one of your buddies to come out and take us for a ride financially. Before you even left, I had AAA on the line with assistance AT NO CHARGE! So thanks Pop-A-Lock for sending the most unprofessional driver in your fleet to humiliate my 19 year old daughter. I hope you feel good about yourself. I'll take it from here.
Jaime H.
Pleased to give Kudos to Travis and Joseph for providing excellent customer service. Within one hour I had my locks re-keyed. Way to go Pop A Lock.
Dustin D.
Lost all keys for my 2010 dodge. A service tech was at my house within 30 minutes programming 2 keys I purchased on Amazon. Had both keys programmed and working within a few minutes. Price was best I found and a fraction of the dealer.
Trina B.
Don't bother. All we needed was a copy of a key and he said he didn't know if he could "find the time" to help us.
Rachel D.
WAY too long of a wait. Made my kids and I stand in the sun for over an hour. Said it would only take 30 minutes. My son is about to miss his appointment in 20 minutes. I told the guy coming to unlock my car and he didn't seem bothered at all. I'm having to stand in the sun with my one year old and four year old- no sunscreen- and wait for this guy to take his sweet time. Horrible customer service.
Benjamin R.
Horrible service. Called yesterday and they told me they would have the locksmith call me later that day. Well, that never happened. So, I call again today and again they tell me they would have the locksmith call me. For the second time it never happened. How can they make money as a business when they don't commit to calling back a potential customer. All I was calling for was for pricing. They couldn't even help me out with that.
Pearlene U.
Our car ran out of gas so we called aaa- they send pop a lock Philip to come and help us. He served us water the first thing when he arrived!! Very considerate of him esp in this hot weather.
Yesi C.
This place rocks! I got locked out of my car when my lock was jammed with something in the slot. My "24/7" roadside service was not available and my phone was almost dead. I put in a quick call after finding this place on google and was told it would be 30 min but he showed up in 10 min. He was quick, professional and nice! Def recommend!
Sadie B.
Great service! They were super quick and the guy who came out was very kind, professional and I really appreciated his help. I seriously am glad they were there when I needed them.
Linda W.
Your company ROCKS! Terri is a great listener, and Adam is the master of making mailboxes secure. We need to fight crime from the inside! Thank you so much for helping me in my time of need. Having already invested in an expensive mailbox, only to find out that the weakest link was the latch itself I was in desperate need to fix my broken latch. Adam customized a secure latch that will not be foiled by quick robbers. Take that bad guys - Adam is the new superhero of mailbox security! I'm sure I'll be in touch soon for more security as this world seems to be in need of it with every passing day. Thank YOU all at Pop-A-Lock of Riverside County!
Ryan C.
I locked my keys in the car after midnight on a Tuesday. Pop-A-Lock made it the fastest and least stressful experience. I just got this Cadillac and I was unsure of how long it would take to get in. Devin arrived in 10 minutes and opened the vehicle in less than a minute. I couldn't ask for better service. Devin was polite and looked presentable. He was quick and efficient. I highly recommend
Sara M.
This is probably the least professional company I've ever dealt with. My insurance contacted them as part of my emergency roadside assistance. They gave me an ETA of 30 minutes. After waiting 1.5 hours I called to ask what the real ETA is and they put me on hold and then said I'd get a call from a technician in 5-10 minutes, which didn't happen. 30 minutes later I called again and asked AGAIN if there was an ETA, this time I did get a call back. Their new ETA was another hour. So they pitch fast ETAs and then maybe 3 hours later you'll get service. I ended up calling my insurance back and asked for a company that will actually come out and help me. The new company came in 20 minutes (faster than their predicted ETA). Anyway, because I wasted so much time waiting for this company I missed my class (which kinda sucks, cause grad school), and I would have made my class if they'd come at their original predicted ETA.
Calvin T.
**STAY AWAY IF YOU ARE TRYING TO GET INTO YOUR RESIDENCE WITHIN THIS CENTURY** I called Pop-a-lock around 7 pm to have them open a door for my tenants in Moreno Valley. After getting confirmation 2 HOURS later that a locksmith was dispatched, I receive a call from my tenants saying the locksmith "isn't comfortable with opening the door". I then call Pop-A-Lock to see if they can send someone else and they said no. 2 Hours wasted for nothing. Dwight - smh, don't hang up on me when I ask to speak with your manager.
Jessica P.
Wasted my time & very unprofessional. Don't use their service. We were on the phone for 2 hours to get a locksmith only to hear "there's nothing we can do." Then we asked to speak with the manager & DWIGHT hung up on us. We had to go through 3 different people who weren't on the same page & who were all giving us different information. Doesn't seem like anyone there knows what they're doing or what they're talking about. Locksmith IQ had it done for us in less than an hour, call them instead.
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H And R Locks & Keys Upland, CA

Upland, CA 91701
Open Now
Thursday Full day
(Full week)
Monday Full day
Tuesday Full day
Wednesday Full day
Thursday Full day
Friday Full day
Saturday Full day
Sunday Full day
Business is opened 24 hours
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Montclair Lock & Key Montclair, CA

Montclair, CA 91763
200514 years in business
Open Now
Thursday Full day
(Full week)
Monday Full day
Tuesday Full day
Wednesday Full day
Thursday Full day
Friday Full day
Saturday Full day
Sunday Full day
Business is opened 24 hours
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Upland Mobile Locksmith Upland, CA

1309 Coronado St
Upland, CA 91786
199821 years in business
Additional number: (909) 736-4345
Closed Now
Thursday 10:00 AM-7:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 10:00 AM-7:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM-7:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM-7:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM-7:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM-7:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM-7:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM-7:00 PM
Business will be opened in 0 hours 1 minutes
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Bryana B.
Choi came on time and was very open to communication . He did a great job replacing the door lock at my business
Kimm B.
Lifesaver! I left the key to my daughter's storage unit in NoCal and UML answered my call, gave me the lowest quote, arrived in 30 minutes, cut the lock and saved the day! Friendly guy, professional & fast. Thank you!
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Claremont Lock & Key Claremont, CA

358 W 4th St
Claremont, CA 91711
Closed Now
Thursday 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday Closed
Tuesday 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM-2:00 PM
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 0 hours 1 minutes
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Sharon Gibson
The best! Never disappoints!They go above and beyond!
Charlie Girl
Always have blanks for the wierd keys. Get car fob batteries here, not at the dealer. Garage openers. Rapid lock changes after break in.
Levon Jones
Very professional, Fast response time, Friendly, also came to help me out at 2am!!! I would recommend this place to everyone. Absolutely would do business here again. Thank you so much!!
Yolie A.
Everyone I called on Monday morning for key services. Not realizing key shop is closed, but I spoke with TAMMY. I explained the issue with my car key, and she explained that I would have to call AAA and request for the shop to do the key service. AAA called CLAREMONT KEY for service and TAMMY then tells them the opposite. My mouth drops to the floor, I call the shop,and she answered the phone. I explained to her exactly what she informed to do and she tells me she never spoke or had a conversation regarding key service. She then puts me on hold,when she returns back she tells me THAT SHE MIGHT HAVE HAD A CONVERSATION WITH ME REGARDING KEY SERVICE the day before. I reacted strongly in my tone,THEN SHE HANGS UP ON ME. As a CONSUMER,I don't expect to be lied to or be given wrong information. In the past I've had great service with MARTY. It's a shame that they let a great and knowledgeable employee go. VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John C.
I had lost my car keys while on the security job. It is the weekend and i do not have a smart phone. I took everything out of my car, checked the patrol car completely. Called Triple A. And they called Lock and Key. He gets there 15 mins early, I open the gate, he creates a key that will start my 2010 Toyota. Triple A pays $60 of $305. I get a second key for $60. Next day I find my original keys. Go to the shop on Monday, shop closed. Go to the shop Tuesday, find that my old keys can be 'added'. Done for free. Good, competent, price as expected except for that last 'free'.
Maria B.
Great service. I have my locks Re-keyed today. I got a window when they would come and I got a call when he was on the way. Service was fast.
Emonga Minipete
The lady on the phone was nice to me.
Jeremy Wertheimer
Owner is knowledgeable, and prices are more than reasonable.
Lisa R.
Needed key cut for my 2005 Chrysler 300 C. Super helpful and diagnosed what was wrong with one of my key fobs. Very reasonable prices and I would highly recommend them.
Katrina N.
Marty is the nicest, maybe EVER. I asked him for a quick locksmith service for my mailbox and after looking at one picture told me how much money I would be saving if I just drilled it out. Then I returned, he remembered my whole situation and then walked me step by step through the whole installation. I love any place that goes over and beyond!
Austin C.
I replaced a car key. It was 5 minutes in and out and surprisingly affordable. Very nice older man helped me. A tedious headache was made simple and pleasant.
Robert N.
Great honest people. I left some old locks to be picked and rekeyed. They did a great job, timely and very reasonable. I had dropped off these locks elsewhere, but others did not have the skill set to get it done. I recommend these guys.
January S.
I needed a couple keys cut for my new place. I found these guys on Yelp and they were pretty nearby. The guy working was very friendly and chatty. He was playing some old-school Jazz vocals: Ella, Louis, etc. which was nice and a bit of a surprise. The keys he cut me were inexpensive and work great. I like to support local mom n pop shops rather than always defer to Home Depot or Ace for things like this. They need the business and you get the personal touch. Will certainly be back if I ever need anything lock-related.
John L.
This will be the first time I'll be writing a 5-star review for a company that did not work for me and I did not pay. The reason for this review is because the staff at Claremont Lock & Key was very helpful, accommodating, and actually SAVED me money! I have a custom door with a broken locking mechanism. I wanted to replace it. The agent came out and spent about 30 minutes examining the lock, working the mechanism, and identifying the problem. He reviewed with us that the lock is not repairable and custom to the door; we would have to replace the entire door. He did not charge us a service fee for the visit, but gave us more information to take action. I will return to Claremont Lock & Key when I have need in the future.
Harrison W.
Awful service. Will not recommend. As most locksmith closed earlier on Saturday so I called store first and confirmed it will open till 2pm. I drove all way up and arrived by 1:45pm. But they put close sign while door is still open. The technician onsite refused service while i was just trying to make some keys. We came to locksmith for a reason and shouldn't be treated this way. That's really an awful experience.
Greg L.
Wow, Marty sent out his highly knowledgeable tech Michael in a dire time of need and couldn't have been more pleased​. The wife and mother in law left our old truck here and drove back to the Bay Area after the passing of my father in law. On our emotional return, we forgot to bring the keys for the truck. 90° outside and a behemoth of an obstacle is looking us straight in the face taking up the entire garage and blocking the ever so cool entrance of the house through the garage. Called Marty and the boys and they we're out here in what seemed mere seconds (maybe 20 minutes at most), and had the giant keyless monstrosity moved in less than an hour! Hey, if you need the kind of quality service you used to get back in the day, well folks, look no more, you've found your key losing/forgotten woes answered here at Claremont Lock & Key.
Jonathan G.
The gentleman working today was very helpful! He fixed my lock and took time to explain it!!
J T.
I gave him a totally worn down key and he worked his magic making me a new one. :-) Not sure what his name was, but I appreciate it!
C. C.
Just off the phone w/ dispatch, asking questions about pricing, and he was dismissive "you need to call during the day"...yikes!
Saurabh G.
I had my Yamaha motorcycle key blank cut here. It worked perfectly on the first try. Reasonable prices. They work with AAA and cut a lot of motorcycle keys. In fact, it turns out they stock a lot of the motorcycle key blanks, which is rare. Awesome customer service. I would pay them a visit next time I need any key cut.
Robert W.
I needed my door lock fixed or replaced. I contacted Claremont Lock & Key and received clear information on how they bill and when they were available. Later that afternoon I received a call that the service tech, John, was on his way. He did an outstanding job, was able to repair my existing lock. I highly recommend this business to anyone in need of a locksmith. From the office staff to the on site technician, outstanding service.
Jeremy M.
I called them at 3am after I locked myself out of our house I just purchased. They answered on the 2nd ring. No one else would! They dispatched a locksmith to be there within the hour. I called back 45 min later to cancel. They were cool about it! That's a business that cares more about building a relationship than gouging when they could. Highly recommend! Great service even at 3am!!!
London M.
I locked my keys in my trunk like a dumb ass. I was in need of something fast and cheap bc I'm a graduate student and I'm in the process of moving. The guy came, got my info and unlocked my car. Other than being embarrassed everything went quite well. Thank you!
Edris B.
My front door assembly came loose, & I couldn't figure it out. The very nice serviceman (whose name I didn't get--sorry) showed me how it worked, and it was such an instant no-brainer for him that he didn't even charge us. My new go-to lock & key service!
Abraham O.
Best customer service oh my goodness. Very helpful. Nice. And great all around. I usually dont give five stars but im making an exception. Thanks martyr
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Santore & Son Lock & Safe Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA 90068
20118 years in business
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Suzanne K.
I was given Santore & Son's contact through the safe manufacturer. Charlie called me back immediately and came over only a few hours later. He was able to reset and open a safe I didn't know existed in my house. I know have a fully functioning, high quality safe! Definitely recommended.
S O.
Charlie is so great he troubleshooted my problem over the phone. He is gracious and he really knows everything about safes and locks!
Noelle F.
I don't think I have enough space on this page to write all the compliments I have for Charlie. I recently discovered a safe hidden at the bottom of our fireplace. It was an old dial safe, missing the dial, that was essentially rusted shut. I called a number of locksmiths and Charlie at Santore and Son called me back promptly, and agreed to do the job at a fixed rate. Many of the other guys just said no. He worked at that thing for over 10 hours over the course of 2 days to get it open. And HE DID! Unfortunately, it was empty- but now we know. His work ethic and knowledge is incredible. Charlie is a good old-fashioned, no frills man who stays true to his word, regardless of difficulty. Would highly recommend!
Shoji C.
A master at his craft! We inherited a safe from a family friend who passed away and we did not have the combination. Charlie was professional, coordinated precisely and arrived right on time. He had the safe open very quickly and restored the safe! It was empty, but now we have a nice $1000 safe that we can use to store our valuables. It was also a very fun, informative and exciting experience! I could not recommend both Santore & Son higher! Thank you very much Charlie and Louis!
Hayley D.
The BEST! They came over quickly and got our safe open fast. The pricing was great too. Both father and son were lovely. We would definitely use them again!
Joel A.
Charlie came quickly to our store and even though it was a difficult job his a approach was spot on. After he was finish he cleaned everything up. We will definitely reach out to Charlie when ever we need anything open/unlock!!
Michael Y.
I cannot express how helpful they are. They'll make realistic cost saving suggestions. Great people. Great services.
Franck C.
My AMSEC safe did not worked for some reasons, called AMSEC company, they told me to change battery, which I did already. That point they just told me, I have problem with locks like I did not know! And gave me number to Santory&Son Lock&Safe. Called him and he answered right a way, but he told me, he was so busy and out all day, his phone will be out of battery any second, but to text him picture of safe and what is wrong with it, then he will call me in 2 hours when he get in to the office. I did as he told me. but when I called him it was 5:30 p.m already, so I thought it will be tomorrow to get any responses, like all service calls does. But, 7 p.m he text me, as he told me he would, with some instructions, also exactly how much it will cost me step by step. Luckily, it worked! If it did not, it would of cost me $500 to break it open and put new lock! It was so great experience, I decided to write my first review ever, and I don't even have yelp account! Thanks! Santory&Son!
Evan L.
Charlie is unbelievably professional. Showed up exactly on time - actually a bit early, which worked out well, as he called first - cracked a very difficult, complex safe while communicating throughout the entire process. Told me before hand that he will not open the safe even once he cracked it until I was in his presence, and he lived up to that. He works clean, is communicative and his price was extremely reasonable based on other quotes that I received. Absolutely recommended to the highest level - professional and friendly, the best in town.
John W.
Read posts from yelp and felt he was the one to call. Best decision ever. I called Charlie Santore and explained my problem of a rusted shut floor safe lid in my Major Safe company lid. He patiently explained all of the possibilities with a lid this old (66 years) and then made some good do-it-ur-self suggestions. I tried these as time went on and about 1.5 years later I called Charlie again. He again took generous time talking and explaining the difficulties...he said he would be happy to come out but, if the last resort was turning the safe into Swiss cheese, he would only charge a call out fee if we didn't want to proceed. VERY HONEST MAN! He fixed my safe, took absolute care of cleaning it, and actually remarked on how great of condition it was in. If you are reading this do not go to anyone else for safe technician/lock smith needs.
Walter B.
I called Charles this morning because we could not get in our safe. He walked me through some steps on the phone to get the lock to work and it worked! I got in! He spent all his time on the phone helping me for no charge. He was very kind on the phone and his advice perfect. If you need help with a safe or a lock, this is your guy for sure!!
Celtic M.
If you call anyone else, your nuts! Charles is a master locksmith and safe cracker and was able to unlock my safe in 10 minutes without even damaging it! He took the time to reset the lock and even reset the code for me so I could use the safe again. He responded to my email in 10 minutes and came out the next morning ON A SATURDAY! On top of all that, his rate was extremely fair and I gave him a tip I felt so bad he charged so little for coming out on the weekend. You are not going to find anyone better if you need a safe open or need locksmith services. If I could give him 10,000 stars I would. He is extremely nice and considerate and does incredible work. It is so difficult to find people these days who are customer service oriented and Charles is a rarity. Most people will come out and drill the safe or cut the metal and ruin a perfectly good safe but since he knows what he is doing, he is able to open any safe without doing damage to it. Outstanding! 100 stars!
Jeff O.
I locked myself out of my bedroom like an idiot and was already running late to work. My cell phone was locked in the room too! So I texted my wife from my laptop (luckily that was outside the room), she didn't know where a spare key was, but sent me Santore & Sons contact info and I texted them. I explained to Mr. Santore my predicament, that I was late for work, and he said he could swing by on the way to another job. Santore arrived within 15 minutes and quickly got the bedroom door unlocked for me. His price was super reasonable and I actually made it to work on time too!
Duly L.
Very friendly service...arrived within 24 hours of the call...did exactly what we requested...got our locked out safe open...would def recommend his service to others...thanks for your help! 5 stars all around!
Rachel S.
Professional, punctual, and excellent service! He opened a hidden floor safe in our garage. Nothing was in there, but good to know! Thank you Charlie!!!!
Angel A.
Charlie save my butt twice when I had locked myself out. There are lots of fake locksmiths in the Hollywood area but Charlie is the real deal - licensed and bonded. Reasonable prices. Thank you!
Min C.
I got locked out of my safe when changing batteries and called 4 different safe opening businesses with the cheapest price of $250...No one execpt SANTORE & SON LOCK & SAFE tried to help me before immediately quoting a price...Santore gave me advice on how to open my safe and explained how he would try to fix it without drilling. His advice worked & I didnt need to spend unnecessary $$$. He was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable...I would definately recommend him and the VERY reasonable prices..Santore! I am using my friend's yelp account to write a review-Lydia
Marty P.
This is a great company! They came and opening my broken safe on New Year's Day at no additional charge. He is going to replace the backup key again at a reasonable cost. He was very detailed about his work and when he was done you could not tell that the safe had been drilled.
Tom D.
I just bought a foreclosure in Woodland Hills and I found a hidden safe in the floor! Of course I wanted to find out what was in there but it was locked and it was one of those old high quality floor safes that were cemented in there. I called up Charlie and he gave me a quote over the phone and came out the same day. What a pleasure to deal with AND he was highly qualified. Busted open that safe and re coded the combination. Unfortunately there was no treasure in there but I will for sure use him again in the future! At least I can use the safe now! #Bonus
Jas S.
I can not say good enough things about Charlie. I was worried about finding someone that could open up a 60+ year old safe we had but within 5 minutes of emailing him pictures, he assured he could do it and the price he quoted was much better than I expected. He was also super accommodating with a last minute change in our schedule (literally emailed him at 2:30am to reschedule!) and it was no problem. Super friendly and professional, I will recommend everyone I know to him in the future. Thanks Charlie!!
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